Easy Networking Tips for Dancers 

Written by Sarah Horne in July 2020 for RahDanceWorks


I like to think of networking as making connections. Hopefully that concept helps while you look at the easy networking tips for dancers below.


Networking can be specifically tough for dancers

I’ve talked to lots of colleagues in the dance field about networking. It can be especially tough for us artists. Getting comfortable telling your story and talking about yourself can take time. My goal is to make it easy for you. Bonus: if you need help talking about yourself, check out this post. Or, need help with your artist statement, go here.


Don’t let fear paralyze you

Fear can rule our lives. It stops us from progress and it prevents us from reaching our full potential. I hope you keep that in mind as you move forward in this world. Through personal and professional lives, you will need to constantly confront your fears if you want to be a better person.

Talking to strangers or professional colleagues can make many of us feel frozen. What do we say? How do we make a real connection without sounding snobby or silly? What if I say something ridiculous? All thoughts I know I’ve had! Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you take the first step…


5 Easy Networking Tips for Dancers

  1. We live in a digital age. Slide into the DM! Praise people for their work, posts, or creativity. The more outreach the better. It can be a simple note, but it will help people remember you.
  2. Look for internships or volunteer work with companies you admire. And if you don’t see anything listed, reach out anyway to introduce yourself. Look for contact information on websites…LinkedIn is great too (actually, that’s exactly what it’s for!).
  3. Reach out for an “info call” with someone who is actively in a career you’re interested in pursuing. See above about finding contact info. When you reach out to them, tell them what you admire about their work and why you’re interested in this career. Then ask if they have a few minutes to talk to you. Be prepared with questions for them!
  4. Attend an online workshop or webinar. Make a new connection in the chat or reach out to the webinar host to say thank you and introduce yourself.
  5. Promote other people’s work. We all win when we lift each other up. We especially win when we lift up others that need help.


And, don't forget say thank you and/or follow up! 


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