Role Call is an online platform that helps dancers and their families understand the admissions and audition process. We provide useful tips and tricks during an incredibly important moment in life. Plus, we try to make the process fun and stress-free!

We used to charge for our online products but we decided this information is too important -- we don't want any barriers to access. So, all of our offerings are free except consultations. 

Why do we do this?

Because we've gone through the experience ourselves:

Sarah is a dancer and Suzanne is a college guidance counselor. We're also a mother-daughter duo so we got you when it comes to family dynamics!

We do this because we love the dance field and we want more college-seeking families to understand that a career in the arts is possible.

We're here so YOU can discover the best college dance program for your needs. Here's more about us:


Sarah Horne is an artist, curator, consultant and arts administrator. She is also an unrelenting optimist dedicated to the contemporary dance field. Sarah grew up in St. Croix (U.S.V.I) but is a “Third Culture Kid,” someone who is raised in a culture outside of their parent's culture. Her education came in many forms because of this non-traditional upbringing. Moving from country to country gave her an exposure to different movement lifestyles and has continued to inform her personal ethos as well as her artistic voice. She received her BFA in Dance from SUNY Brockport and her MA in Performing Arts Administration from New York University. Sarah has worked with, and consulted for, organizations like New York City Ballet, NYU’s Skirball Center, Gibney Dance Center, and Cadenza Artists. Her unusual combination of experiences and skills gives her a unique perspective on living a life in dance.


Suzanne Jeffrey grew up in a family of educators and has been teaching piano from the time she was 12. After her college graduation, she began her full-time employment in education working with kindergarteners to college students. Suzanne has been employed both domestically (New York, California, and Texas) and internationally (the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia) in private and public schools as the Director of College Guidance since 1989.  Additionally, she has given workshops for the past 15 years on a variety of subjects, ranging from Ethical Curriculum; the College Selection and the Admission Process; IB/AP Curricula: their challenges, similarities, and differences; Writing College Recommendations; and Topics for College Essays.  Suzanne has written and published three books:  Finding Buddha, Meetings with a Dhamma Master, and The Pencil and The Path.


That's right. We pack a hefty one-two punch because we’re in lock-step with one another AND our combined passions are the perfect fit to help you, as well as other dancers and dance parents in need.


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