Role Call: The College Admissions Program for Dancers

The only program of its kind that helps dancers successfully apply to college!

Get clarity and feel empowered while you are guided through the college admissions process in this self-paced online course with easy-to-follow college application strategies. We walk you through: finding the right college, submitting a stellar application, writing the perfect essay, getting audition process tips and learning more about careers in dance.

This program is specifically for dance students and their parents. Our mission is to humanize the application and audition process so you can feel confident following the career of your dreams.



If you are a dancer who is ready to find the perfect college or university without feeling anxious and/or you are a dance parent who is overwhelmed with the complexities of the application process, then Role Call: College Admissions for Dance is for you. But, if you are already through your application process or have a lot of experience in applying to college, this program may not be the best fit.

Before we tell you all about this incredible program, let us tell you who it’s really for...

Role Call is for you if:

  •  you need help understanding the nuances of the college application process

  • you want to major or minor in dance but need help figuring out the best choice

  • you want dance career and networking advice to make the most of your college experience

  • you want guides, templates, resources and a community while you go through the college selection process

  • you are willing to put the work in to succeed but need guidance

Role Call is NOT for you if:

  • you want to be told where to apply to 

  • you already know the extensive ins and outs of the application process

  • you only want to be involved in a college dance team or take random dance classes

  • you are not interested in pursuing some kind of dance career


Role Call: College Admissions for Dance is a self-paced online course. The course is broken down into training sessions by topic with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists, action sheets, and more.

All of the training is online inside a private, member only site. Students can view the training videos at their own pace, ask questions and download action sheets.

Some of our worksheets include:

  • The Letter of Recommendation Worksheet
  • Resume Resources
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources
  • Writing to Admissions
  • Sample Thank You Letters
  • FAQ Library

Extra Resources also include: 

  • A Senior Year Timeline
  • A Junior Year Timeline
  • Meditation for Dancers
  • Research Spreadsheets
  • and more!

Suzanne and Sarah, Role Call Co-Founders and program teachers, are always available to answer questions and offer strategic advice to ensure that participants take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.


In addition to our video tutorials, we have some wonderful bonus videos and worksheets to help you in your college search and application process. 

Our bonus videos include workshops taught by industry professionals and experts. We constantly add to this video library so, since you have lifetime access to the program, you’ll always be updated with new dance industry information.


Are you ready to get clarity, feel confident and apply to college of your dreams?




  • Nailed your college application instead of second-guessing your work and choices
  • Felt organized and taken care of rather than drowning in the application process
  • Understood what a dance program curriculum entails so you know how to make the most of a program and what your education will actually consist of
  • Gained extensive knowledge about audition tips instead of letting your nerves get the best of you
  • Felt empowered by your unique background and experience vs. feeling self-conscious
  • Gained interview skills that will help you throughout your college and professional career
  • Developed confidence in your college options by applying to the right colleges for YOU


"Your platform will be helpful to many and I will gladly recommend it." - Nina C. (Dance Parent)

“Role Call really helped narrow down my college decision. It gave me the opportunity to have information on lots of schools. I know that the college I decide to go to will be the right choice because I considered every option available to me.” - Brooklyn (Dancer)

“I wish we had this program last year!” - E.C. (Dance Parent)

“Thank you for putting together such an awesome and resourceful program. Wish I had this when I was applying to college” - Christina (Dancer and Bonus Guest Speaker)

“What a great resource for high schoolers considering a college and career in dance!” - ChoreoNation

"Thank you so much! Your videos have been very helpful." -Terri (Dance Parent)


The investment for Role Call: College Admissions for Dance is...nothing! 

Hiring an independent counselor and buying a package or a one-off service can be costly. Those usually run about $6,000 per package depending on the service or $400 for a one-off consultation. 

There was a time when we charged for this program. Then we decided that this information is too important and we truly want to make it accessible to all. So, the program is yours - free.

However, please know that we have invested a lot of time (years) into making this incredible program. So, only if you are able, we will accept donations via Venmo (suggested donation is $50). 

Our goal is to help dancers navigate the college admissions process, obtain admission to the most appropriate college of their choice, and have a sustainable career in dance. 

So, are you ready to get clarity, feel confident and apply to the best dance program for you?

Yes! Let's do it.

Still have questions? We got you...