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Incorporating Meditation into your Dance Practice

Aug 23, 2022

Incorporating Meditation into your Dance Practice

Many of you have been dancing since before you can remember. Others are more recent dancers but have been studying seriously for several years. And, some have just started on your dancing journey. 

Others may want to be IN dance, but not necessarily dance on a stage - rather manage a venue or work in stage management. There are so many opportunities in the field of dance and they all require a commitment to artistic, creative thinking.

No matter what your career is in the field, you want to feel confident about where you fit into the dance matrix and explore what you can offer this amazing artform. One way to help you find your “fit” is through meditation. Meditation helps with so many things in your practice and creative, artistic life.

You can, of course, google all of the benefits of meditation. There is no question that a focused, quiet, space of time you devote to this - from 5 minutes to an hour or more - is beneficial physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Dancing itself can be meditative, as most of us know.

It’s simply “being in the zone”. Close your eyes and see yourself dancing the most recent piece you have performed. Go through every step, every movement, one at a time, from beginning to end. Hear the music and see yourself, feel your body as it performs.  This is meditative and excellent practice.

Meditation does not only apply to your dancing, it applies to all aspects of you as a whole person.  To learn about the benefits of meditation, check out our post on Healthy Habits for Dancers.  Try it! =)


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