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April: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Admissions

Apr 09, 2021

The first Tuesday of every month Role Call Prep shares a "monthly call sheet" to help you organize your college admissions applications, questions and concerns.

April: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Dance Admissions

by Suzanne Jeffrey

Final Decisions:

As I discussed last month, this is the final decision time!

The best way to make that final decision is to take out all of your emails, letters, etc., that have come in from the various universities where you have been admitted, and then make a spreadsheet, table, or some type of comparison chart. 

If you have been admitted to only one … easy!  But if you have been admitted to more than one, a comparison chart is the way to go.

List on one axis, the names of the schools where you have been accepted.  On the other axis, list all of the factors that are important to you.  Here’s an example:

Anything that is important for you to have for your university life, list across the top:  Choice of meal plan?  Location to a large city or urban area?  Any extracurricular activities in which you want to participate?

Put all of your ideas down on the comparison charts … and then sit down with your parent(s) or guardian(s) and discuss which is the better choice.

Another way to do this is listing all of the Pros and Cons that you foresee with each of the universities where you have been admitted.  

After you have done this and you are sitting down with significant others, discuss where you want to go and the total cost that you will incur for your four-year program. 

Another consideration, of course, is if you want to continue pursuing a more advanced degree after this one.  Are you thinking of getting an MFA, for example?  If so, then thoroughly consider the cost of your undergraduate experience and perhaps you will be super happy at your state university that is considerably less expensive than a private school.  But also consider the scholarship opportunities you may have at the various institutions.

These decisions are difficult ones to make.  So discuss it thoroughly with your family and/or loved ones and then send in your decision as soon as you can, but definitely by May 1st!


Questions or Concerns? Always feel free to reach out to us! 

Photo Credit: Alexis Brown

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