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How to Choose Your College Dance Program

Apr 09, 2021

Every month Role Call Prep shares dance career tips and industry advice to help advance young artist’s skills. This month we talk about choosing a dance program.

How to Choose Your College Dance Program

by Sarah Horne

There are SO MANY factors when looking into a dance program at a college or university. It can be incredibly overwhelming.

Here are 3 factors that you can always come back to, to help keep you on track:

Size and Focus

When you are thinking about the size and focus of the university, think about the classes you will be enrolled in and the environment you want to be around. Whatever is important to you, you have to have it available at your college or university. After all, you will be there for several years! Here’s a quick breakdown of school types:

  • University: Generally larger, more programs offered, more types of degrees
  • College: Generally smaller, more specific programs and degrees offered
  • Conservatory: Generally smaller, VERY specific programs

Degree Types

You will have a different college experience depending on what you want to pursue. No matter what you choose, you will have to balance dance classes with your academics and social life. 

And every type of degree comes with its own advantages. What one person sees as an advantage, another may not. It’s important to know what matters to you in this process. 

The most common degree types you will see for dance are: BA and BFA.

Simply put a BA (Bachelor of Arts) will allow you to explore other liberal arts subjects and the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) will provide more performance opportunities and studio time.

Dance Curriculum

A dance department curriculum is essential in revealing what type of program, styles, and classes are being offered. Always take time to look into the course catalog because it will help you decide if the school is a good fit for you. You can read more about dance curriculums in this post here.


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Photo Credit: Joel Mott

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