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University of Rochester

University of Rochester

Program of Dance + Movement University of Rochester
203 Todd Union, PO Box 270051
Rochester NY 14627

Email[email protected]
Website: click here
Audition Information: n/a
Social MediaFB: @URDanceMovement | IG: @urdancemovement
Department Contact: Missy Pfohl Smith (Director)

Campus Setting: Urban
Dept Founded: n/a
Dept Accreditations: n/a

Cost of Room & Board: $18,100
Undergraduate Tuition per year (in state/out of state): $60,550
Graduate Tuition per year (in state/out of state): n/a
Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid: 52%
Scholarships Available for Incoming Students: No
Are Need-based Scholarships Offered: Yes
Are Merit-based Scholarships Offered: Yes


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Description of Program: The Program of Dance and Movement at the University of Rochester is committed to offering experiential and theoretical study of dance and movement practices that honor and inform the whole person. Through diverse dance techniques and contemplative practices from all over the world, this unique program explores dance and movement as art, spiritual practice, community-building, as well as personal and interpersonal development. Dance and movement studies at Rochester is characterized by mindfulness, diversity, somatic approaches and collaboration.

We offer a range of courses, workshops, performances, and research opportunities within the context of different styles, techniques, and disciplines. These include: Contemporary dance, dances from Africa and the Middle East, Ballet, Yoga, Tap, Breaking, Capoeira, Jazz, Contact Improvisation, Performance Improvisation, Dance/Movement Therapy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Choreography, Teaching, Kinesiology, Movement Analysis, World Dance, Meditation, Dance on Camera and more

Interdisciplinary studies that intersect with other courses of study throughout the campus such as social justice, psychology, disability studies, brain and cognitive science, African and African American studies, women’s and gender studies, physics and more.

Our program offers two BA's in dance: Creative Expression and Performance or Dance Studies. The Creative Expression and Performance major is flexible enough that students can choose to focus on Western dance forms such as contemporary modern dance and contemporary ballet, or non-Western dance forms such as those from the African Diaspora that might include dance from Guinea and Zimbabwe, capoeira, hip hop, and jazz. The Dance Studies concentration incorporates two or three courses from another discipline into the dance major. Many students choose to combine their studies in a second major with the dance studies major to explore interdisciplinary applications. Students can double or even triple major within the School of Arts and Sciences. The Eastman School of Music is also part of the University and is an amazing resource for collaboration and for crossover in the student body. The Dance and Movement Program also offers two minors, one in dance and one in movement studies. 

There are many opportunities for students to perform and choreograph both within the curriculum (choreography and creative expression courses), within the program in the mentored concerts, and within the student groups. The Program of Dance and Movement also hosts concerts each semester that feature choreography by faculty, students, and guest artists. These opportunities are open to all for participation. Rochester also has about a dozen co-curricular student dance groups who practice diverse dance forms and put on student-run shows.

We honor our students' previous dance experiences and add to that knowledge by introducing technical theories, anatomical information and dance science, context and history, movement analysis, creative process, and a variety of styles of dance and movement from all over the world. We can guarantee that students will be introduced to new and exciting possibilities in their physical practice and in their artistic and intellectual pursuits related to dance, movement and their interdisciplinary connections.

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