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March: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Admissions

Mar 11, 2021

The first Tuesday of every month Role Call Prep shares a "monthly call sheet" to help you organize your college admissions applications, questions and concerns.

March: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Dance Admissions

by Suzanne Jeffrey

Decisions are Coming In!

This is the time when all of the seniors who are applying to universities should have most of their acceptances in hand.  But this is also the time for some big decision making.

If you have been accepted into your first/top choice university … Congratulations!

If you have been accepted into university … Congratulations!

And if you have not been accepted, there are still universities to which you can apply. 

But more research is needed.  There are websites that will offer you a list of the “Rolling Admissions” universities. Simply explore “universities that offer rolling admissions” and you will find many sites that have a complete list of these universities.  If you are interested in California schools, most of the Cal State system is rolling.  Unfortunately, March IS a bit late which is why it is super important to apply to a full range of universities:  Reach, Safety, and Target (see last month's blog for more on that).

If you have been waitlisted, you will need to decide if you want to “hold” the waitlist, or if you want to pass it on to another waitlisted candidate.  If you decide to hold the waitlist, you should immediately contact the university to let them know that you want to hold it.  You can then write them another letter, stating what you have been doing from January through March/April, and how your grades are shaping up and how you are progressing in your activities.  This may help the Admissions Officers decide to accept you. Send this letter to the Admissions Counselor who is in charge of your geographic area (which should be found on the university’s Admissions site).

Be sure that you respond to the school where you decide to matriculate (attend) by May 1st, the university deadline.


Questions or Concerns? Always feel free to reach out to us! 

Photo Credit: Craig Whitehead

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