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June: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Admissions

Jun 02, 2021

The first Tuesday of every month Role Call Prep shares a "monthly call sheet" to help you organize your college admissions applications, questions and concerns.

June: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Dance Admissions

by Suzanne Jeffrey

It's officially summer!

Here's what should be on your mind in your college journey:


If you just graduated high-school:  

Now is the time to decide what you will take to college (like clothes, dance gear, favorite keepsakes - pictures, posters, pillow and/or maybe even a stuffed toy) which will help to make your dorm room feel more like your own home.  


Think about all of the people you want to see, especially if you are traveling quite a distance to attend university.  Go see them, or message them for a coffee/tea/lunch date.  

Be sure you get everyone’s email so that you will always keep in contact with them (just in case Instagram or Twitter or any social media you are using isn’t working for you). 

The time will go by quickly, so think of everything you would like to accomplish before you leave, usually in August!


If you are going into your senior year of high-school:  

If you have been looking at specific colleges, now is the time for a visit, if possible.  There is nothing like actually stepping onto the campus to see how you envision yourself fitting in. 

Try to get into a classroom to experience a summer class, perhaps, and definitely visit the Admissions Department to tell them of your interest*. 

Ask pertinent questions you may have that are not addressed on their website.  (Scholarship or audition requirements, perhaps.)  

Always call before you go to be sure they are open and someone from the Admissions Department is there.

Complete your spreadsheet talked about last month so that when school starts again, you can visit your college counselor with your final list of colleges to which you are applying.

Be certain this summer that you are preparing your audition requirements.

*The reason you want to visit the Admissions Department of the universities where you will be applying is because they will remember you.  If the Admissions Counselors know you have been on campus, without stopping in, they may question your intent.  Plus, it is always great to meet the person who will be reading your application!  Always dress appropriately and shake hands with the people you meet, looking them in the eye and smiling an hello.  When asking a question, be certain you have thoroughly investigated their website so that your question is relevant, and not addressed in their website.


Questions or Concerns? Always feel free to reach out to us!

Photo Credit: Zhanhui Li

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