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February: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Dance Admissions

Feb 02, 2021

The first Tuesday of every month Role Call Prep shares a "monthly call sheet" to help you organize your college admissions applications, questions and concerns.

February: Your Monthly Call Sheet for College Dance Admissions

by Suzanne Jeffrey

February is a tough month.  Some of you have not heard from your colleges about their decisions and anxiety is high because you think that you will not be admitted to any of the colleges to which you have applied.  Wrong.

If you have applied to a full range of colleges, you will be admitted to some of them!

It’s the idea of the “full range” that is important:

Reach schools
are ones where you just fit into their statistics.  (These are given on their individual sites, or in any one of the many college guidebooks.)  You may not have the exact scores or transcript the Admissions Offices are looking for, but you may have great talent and this can compensate for a slightly lower GPA.  Because admissions is holistic, the best thinking on applying to reach schools is … go ahead and apply to two or three reach schools.

Target schools
are schools where you definitely fit their profile.  Your transcript, GPA, activities, etc., all fit into exactly what the schools are looking for in their newly admitted students.  You should apply to five to eight of these schools.  Once decisions are made, and you are notified, you should have been admitted to at least half of them.

Safety schools
are schools in which your qualifications exceed their expectations.  You should therefore be admitted to these schools, and should apply to two or three of these.

The only RULE in choosing where to apply is:

NEVER apply to school that you would not happily attend in case it is the only school that admits you.


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Photo Credit: Aaron Lee

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