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What Happens When You Change Your Major

Sep 26, 2022

What Happens When You Change Your Major

So, you go to college and you discover that you love studying something else besides (or just as much as) dance. Impossible?! Not so much... This happens frequently. So, what do you do? Change your major? Double major? Major-minor? Let’s consider.

First, as a dancer, you'll start taking a few of your general requirements (typically) and then technique/dance classes. Initially, this can feel both freeing and overwhelming because, on the one hand, you don’t take your general req classes every day (freeing), and, on the other, the amount of work you need to do each week for each course can be more than you ever thought (overwhelming).

BUT THEN, one of these new courses you're taking has you fascinated and you really want to pursue your knowledge of this area. Best advice: Simply take another course in that area to determine if you're REALLY interested in the topic.

If you find you're not as interested as you initially thought, no problem. But if you want more, then consider double majoring. Go to your academic advisor and ask what it entails to double major, or pursue a major in Dance and a minor in the other topic. Follow her/his advice. It will likely entail taking more courses each semester, and this is a serious consideration given the fact that dancing needs to be a priority - extra rehearsal times, performances, etc. especially as you advance into your third and fourth years.

Now, let’s suppose that you find that dancing is not as you expected it to be, and you think that you need to change your major to something else...

If it's done in the first year, then it more than likely won't be a problem. Go to your academic advisor for advice! If it's done in your second or third year, the challenge will be to meet your course requirements within the four year time period. Perhaps you will need to take another year to graduate or do summer/winter sessions.

Also, consider what major you are interested in. Is it related to dance (Physical therapy, for example, or Arts Administration)? Perhaps some of the courses you're currently taking can be used to meet the requirements of your new field.

Changing your major does not have to be a problem, but it does depend on when you do it.

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